Aakrod's Adventure

Aakrod the anteater barbarian was a Dungeons and Dragons character I created and the inspiration behind 'Aakrod's Adventure', an ongoing project I set myself to make a game. Aakrod the anteater is our protagonist, transported from his small enclosure in a zoo to an extraordinary realm full of adventure. As of yet this game is still in it's conceptual stage and has a long way to go but I'm excited for it's journey!


Aakrod is the protagonist of our story. A spear wielding barbarian with a penchant for ants, this guy might not be the sharpest tool in the shed but he's got heart and a thirst for adventure!

Aakrod's ThemeHarry George
Woods of Feronia

The wild woods of Feronia are untamed and full of unusual creatures and feral animals. In a clearing is the house of Pan, a friendly satyr with a shop stocked with healing potions and herbs.

Forest ThemeHarry George
Harry George

My good friend and top notch composer Harry George made all the music and audio for this project so if you want to hear more of his work or follow him on social media then click on the links below!